Advantages of Mini Computer | Best Mini PCs in India

RDP Mini PCs are More powerful and Compact in Sizes which can save 70% of Desk space. Mini PC’s are gaining high adoption rate in today’s corporate world to save their office space, cost and security. Major Corporate Houses are inclined towards Mini PC because of its groundbreaking features and advantages.

Space Saving : Office Space is the biggest constraint for any business whether its SME’s or large Scale Companies. People are looking for Smart Solution and opting for Cloud based solutions but that doesn’t yield them anything and end up in Traditional Computing.. But RDP Introducing the Combination of Space Saving & More productive solution with Its Compact Mini PC’s which saves 70% of Desk space and gives pleasant working environments

Affordability : RDP Mini PC are available in various Models & Cost Effective

Green Computing : Power consumption is one of the key factor in PC’s, RDP Mini PC Consumes low power & almost can save 40% Power Bills

Maintenance : RDP Mini PC’s are well designed for Airflow and powered with advanced Cooling Technology which makes them to run 24/7 and doesn’t required much maintenance assistance. Amount of heat computer generated is relation to the amount of work it does but in mini PC it generates less heat and it is easier to cool and have low utility bills.

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