CSD portal Login and Register Process Afd.csdindia.gov.in

CSD portal Login and Register Process

About CSD Portal:

Today you will get to know all the information regarding the CSD portal. The CSD stands for canteen stores department. It is just like a retail chain that trades various products. There are over 4000+ products under CSD. It provides a wider range of products from minimum affordable goods to luxurious branded automobiles. It is only for defense personnel, ex-servicemen, and their blood-related persons.

The products that are provided to these army people have fallen under AFD. it refers to Against firm demand. It is a documented sale just like dealerships between customers and suppliers. No army person can avail of these AFD items without having a valid registration under the CSD portal.

The CSD AFD products intend to provide the vehicles to those specified defense people at a cheap price. These prices are less when compared to the market. You might question why the government provides at lower costs. This is just to provide qualitative products at affordable prices to defense personnel.

This portal is under the head of Raksha Rajya Mantri, finance defense secretary and secretary of defense. Its ultimate motive is to provide better living standards for those people who served the nation. But not for profit-oriented schemes. The CSD AFD items majorly comprise 7 product segmentations as follows. 

Group 1 - toiletry and personal care

Group 2 - household necessities 

Group 3 - general items 

Group 4 - stationery and accessories 

Group 5 - alcoholic products 

Group 6 - consumable and medicinal products 

Group 7 - automobiles and white goods

Currently, it has over 500+ suppliers with strong trade interactions. It strives to encourage startups and small business manufacturers from ex-servicemen and the Army. It is to boost economic growth through domestic production. Also creates strong competition in the marketplace as well. 

CSD Portal Online Booking:

The CSD users refer to defense personnel, ex-servicemen, and their family members. They can book the AFD items through this CSD portal just like a common e-commerce website. It provides a user-friendly interface in order to book desired goods at a reasonable price. Also, time support facilitates the delivery within the time. 

If you are looking forward to booking through the CSD portal. Here is a simple guide for those who find it difficult. 

Step 1 - go to the website or just click afd.csdindia.gov.iand select shop now 

CSD portal online booking:step-1

Step 2 - it directs you to the login interface. Just provide the username, password and enter the captcha and then click login.

CSD portal online booking:step-2

Step 3 - you can get access to its e-commerce website where you can get all the information related to the required products 

CSD portal online booking:step-3

Step 4 - After selecting of a product you need to mention all the specifications as shown below 

CSD portal online booking:step-4

Step 5 - Click on checkout and it directs you to an interface that contains the payment matters.

CSD portal online booking:step-5

Step 6 - Then you need to check for the bank payment status and must know those mentioned instructions. And should provide a PAN copy, availability certificate, and provided PPO.

CSD portal online booking:step-6

Step 7 - After providing the required documents click on to generate demand 

CSD portal online booking:step-7

Step 8  - A reference code will be provided select the online payment option and accept the checkbox and then click generate demand. 

CSD portal online booking:step-8

Finally, the invoice document gets generated. You can find that in the URC portal and then click the showroom. It shows the invoice for the ordered product.

How to Register CSD Portal:

Earlier it's been a hectic process to buy these AFD items. But the government introduced the CSD portal to make it easy for defense personnel. One can avail of all the CSD AFD items only by having a valid user id registered under this portal. For that purpose, we will let you know the easy method for how registering under the CSD portal. Follow the steps just below. 

Step 1 - Go to the CSD website or just click on this link afd.csdindia.gov.i and click on new user registration.

How to Register CSD Portal:step-1

Step 2 - An interface will be generated just like below where you need to provide the required details. Make sure you have a PAN card, canteen/ grocery card, and mobile number. 

How to Register CSD Portal:step-2

Step 3 - you need to enter the mobile number. To which it will generate an OTP. And followed by the remaining procedure of filling up the details as shown.

How to Register CSD Portal:step-3


Step 4 -At last you need to enter the mail id and password. Must know the fact that it will block your access for entering the wrong password over three times. 

So just be sure about those confidentialities. 

How to Register CSD Portal:step-4

Step 5 -just click on the submit button. You will get a confirmation message. Stating that they have successfully registered you under the CSD portal. 

How to Register CSD Portal:step-5

How to Login CSD Portal :

One should register under this CSD portal to login in the CSD portal. Once you get registered, mail will be sent to that registered mail. Where you are notified with your login id and password. You just need to follow the below simple steps to get login into the CS portal for further processing events. 

Step 1- click on the link provided to the registered mail id. 

How to login CSD portal:step-1

Step 2 - it will generate you to this login interface and submit the provided username and registered password. Enter the captcha then click login.

How to login CSD portal:step-2

Step 3 - After that, an OTP will be generated for the registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click validate. 

How to login CSD portal:step-3

Step 4 - Finally you logged into the CSD portal to purchase CSD afd goods. 

CFD AFD online registration issues 

Many of the CSD portal users are stating some common issues. But we have got solutions that can troubleshoot these issues in just a few simple steps. 

1. Getting an error while logging into the portal.

It's been a drastic issue while logging into the CSD portal. Where it stands as a conflict to purchase through this portal. Have a look at the following procedure. 

Step 1-Go to that login portal where it’s showing the technical error as below. 

Getting an error while logging into the portal:step-1

Step 2 - Then click on lost your password option at the page below    

Getting an error while logging into the portal:step-2

Step 3 - A format pops up notifying that they have sent a password reset email. Where you can reset your password
over there.

 Getting an error while logging into the portal:step-3

2. No Updation Over Registration Request 

They will approve a request within a few hours from the time it gets registered. But sometimes it takes a long time to update the registration request into this portal. At that time you just go through the following procedure. 

Step 1 - Once login into the CSD portal 

No updation over registration request:step-1

Step 2 - Click on the menu and then select the update registration form. 

No updation over registration request:step-2

Step 3 - The status of the update over the registration request will be changed timely. 

3. Account Denied:

Some users have come across this situation. Where their account is set to deny. Restricting their access to operating further processes. Just have a look at the below steps to troubleshoot the issue. 

Step 1 - This is the page that displays the error. 

Account denied:step-1

Step 2 - This is mostly because of mismatched card id from your canteen application forms. So that new canteen card needs to generate. 

Account denied:step-2

Step 3 - so you call to the helpdesk provided numbers or even mail the pertaining issues. 

Account denied:step-3

Your issue gets troubleshooted shortly in time.

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