Orop Latest News Today 2022

Orop Latest News Today 2022

Let us get to know about the orop latest news today 2022. OROP stands for one rank one pension. The orop itself defines its meaning. Providing the same pension to those who got retired in the same rank position. Along with the same length of service tenure. Regardless of their date of joining and date of retirement. Orop is specially enacted for the defense and armed forces. The competition for pension was linked to the pay drawn before the implementation of orop. The armed forces get early retirement when compared to the other agencies. A sepoy in the army and equivalent ranked positions in the armed forces gets an early retirement just after 17-19 service years. The officials in those departments attain retirement even before 60 years of age. This is to ensure physical fitness and efficiency in defense forces. 

The government tends to revise the pay scales of service people in a particular period. Resulting in an increase in pension after retirement. This creates a monetary gap between past pensioners and present pensioners. Orop bridges the gap between pensioners who retired in various timelines. For example, a person who served 10 years as an army major retired in 2000. Another person in the same field as a major for 10 years retired in 2010. Here both receive the same pay scale as a pension. It is not applicable to the one who claims for PMR (premature retirees) and SSCO (short service commission officers). The eligibility criteria for orop are to have a minimum of 20 years of service as a commissioned officer. And 15 years in the case of below-rank personnel officers.

About Orop latest news today 2022 :

Recently various news stories have flashed against orop. It was launched with the view to providing the same pay for retirees. That involves one must belong to the same rank position along with an equivalent time period. Once then this statement was accepted by the government and the Indian ex-servicemen movement as well. But some aspects contradict the decision to implement the current orop scheme by the supreme court. 

Current Orop scheme :

The current scheme was introduced in 2013 as the base year. And enacted from July 1st, 2014. The one (armed forces personnel) who got retired by July 2014 was automatically covered under this orop scheme. One must be aware of these following points that fall under current orop scheme. 

  • The past pensioner's pay scales were revised according to the 2013 calendar year and benefited from July 2014.

  • The average of the maximum and minimum pension will be re-fixed for the defense personnel who retired in 2013.  

  • Pension for retirees after 2014 will be fixed upon the average of their basic pay.

  • For every 5 years, the pension will be revised by the pay scale commission. 

Petitioners claim to Orop :

The decision to implement this orop scheme was taken on 7th November 2015. With the benefits considered from 1st July 2014. A petition was filed by the Indian ex-service movement followed by the approval of the finance minister, p. Chidambaram. But Petitioners claimed that principles of orop had been replaced by one rank multiple pensions. They even submitted that now the pensions are received at an interval period of time. Instead of automatic revision of pensions by the government.

 According to the pensioners it is considered unconstitutional under articles 14 and 21. So, the government’s 2015 policy became a contradiction to the actual decision to implement orop. 

Supreme court judgment on Orop :

  • This orop 2015 scheme resulted in the violation of constitutional policy. So, the supreme court came up with new statements. In order to prevent further conflicts. They are as follows. 

  • Pensioners who belong to the same ranks may not hold a homogeneous class. Like just If any differences do exist among the sepoys with the view of MACP and ACP. Then those receive pay from high-rank personnel. 

  • It also stated that the pensions payable to the army personnel would be re-fixed every 5 years as mentioned in the 2015 policy. 

  • Pensions applied under July 1st, 2014, going to be revised on July 1st, 2019. 

  • Arrears would be paid within 3 months with disposal of the petition upon the scheme. 

Orop latest news today 2022 table :

This information about the latest orop table will guide you to have a clear idea about the orop scheme. It got revised by the central government recently. It contains columns defining the pensions for different ranks of defense personnel. This is going to affect the pensions pay scales from 1st July 2019 to 2022. 

One has to register under orop with a specific amount of charge. It contains different ranks like sepoy/ LNK/ NK/ HAV, Arrears and JCO/ SUB/ MAJ/ LT/ CAPT. Under the ranks, it includes admission, registration, certificate and mark sheet, lab, and library caution money. For that, it contains categorized academics in order to follow. They charge a specific amount in accordance with provided categories only. 


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