Reasons to Adopt Thin Clients Over Desktops in Today’s Enterprises (or) Corporate and Education Industry

Lower cost of Ownership: The Need of expensive Desktop PC’s has Reduced Rapidly over the last few years. People are tend to rely on Cloud Storage as well as Network PC’s to perform their daily tasks. Thin Clients drastically slashed the amount that we spend on Desktop PC’s , generally basic Thin Clients cost is typically 1/3 of the Desktop Price.. Through this users can Save upto 40% on capital budget.

Reduced Energy Consumption: Adopting Thin Clients in Present business can help any Business to attain a more environmentally friendly platform. Thin clients offer an 80-90 per cent reduction in the energy usage of a typical desktop PC. The average PC takes 140 -260 watts compared to 5-15 watts for a Thin Client. I, e we can save 90% on Power Consumption.

Increased security: Thin Clients doesn’t store the data in its local Memory. Moving the data that is typically stored on a desktop PC to a server reduces the risk of virus and malware infection. As all the computing power is on the server. So Respective staff is free to use any desktop in the office, and they always have access to their favourite applications no matter where they are, or what the device.

Easier upgrades: The Process of upgrading Software and Other OS has been simplified with Thin Clients. Because all are managed centrally can easily upgrade to new Windows version OS as well as upgrading the hardware is also simple.

Reliability: Thin Clients doesn’t has Moving Part Inside means the chances of getting problems are very Low. It Increases the MTBF ( Mean Time Before failure ) results longer durability

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