TSSPDCL Employee Portal

TSSPDCL employee portal

TSSPDCL Employee Portal info:

The employees of the Telangana state might already use this TSSPDCL employee portal. But today we are going to give more updates on that portal. To rectify all the doubts concerning this topic. As most of them tend to raise questions about this TSSPDCL employee portal. Actually, TSSPDCL refers to Telangana state southern power distribution company limited. The name itself explains its definition. It is a power supply (electrical) department of Telangana state. They had their own separate branch of power-supplying units. For the regions like cities, towns, and villages of the state. Whereas this portal showcases all the recurring projects under the department. It consists of the capacity to supply overall down south of the state. It covers around 15 districts holding 8.4 million consumers. 

TSSPDCL Employee Portal Registration Process:

The TSSPDCL portal has made it possible to operate even with a small mobile device. Even though it's as simple as getting registered on this website. It is important to get updates on job status, pay slips, and any other related information. Just follow the below-defined steps to get registered.   

Step 1 - Go to the website tssouthernpower.com

Step 2 - Select the employee portal at the right corner of the dashboard. 

Step 3 - Click on register at the end of the page.

Step 4 - then enter your employee ID and click verify. 

Step 5 - it generates an OTP to the registered mobile number. Then validate that generated OTP.

Step 6 - Then set a new password, and rewrite to confirm. And then click register. 

Now you will receive a notification to the registered mobile number. Stating that you have successfully registered under this portal. 

TSSPDCL Employee Portal Pay Slip:

Earlier the employees were made to go to the office in order to collect their pay slips. However, online applications of TSSPDCL portals have made it easier. Now one can download their own pay slip in just a few minutes. We have listed out the following procedure to get a pay slip. Just have your attention to download your pay slip formation simplest method. 

Step 1 - Go to the website treasury.telangana.gov.in

Step 2 - If it’s for the first time just go through the above registration process.

Step 3 - Enter your employee ID in username and password. Then click login.

Step 4 - It directs you to its dashboard. Then click on the menu bar at the top left of the page. 

Step 5 - Select the pay slip option in the drop-down menu.

Step 6 - Click on the show button by selecting the required month and year. 

Step 7 - It generates all the details regarding your pay slip for that period. Scroll down to the page and download the copy.  


This is an inclusive update on the TSSPDCL employee portal. We have provided clear concise content particularly to help out the employees working in it. Hope this blog is informative. Follow our blog posts more often. We will update you with much more information on government employees and related content. Thank you.

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