Why Gravity Name for RDP Tablet PC’s?

1) As We know the Definition of Gravity (Which attracts everything), so Our Gravity also Attracts the people attention or Pull the people towards its side.

2) Same Like It attracts the whole world Movements , Happening around the world will brings in front of you through its apps.

Model Names for wide range of Gravity Tabs?

Yes, we have defined Model Names for our Wide Choice of Gravity Tabs

Below are the Model Names for our Gravity Tabs

G716 – For 7″ to 7.99″ Screen Size Gravity Tabs
G816 – For 8″ to 8.99″ Screen Size Gravity Tabs
G916 – for 9″ to 9.99″ Screen Size Gravity Tabs
GX16 – For 10″ to 10.99″ Screen Size Gravity Tabs

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