ZPGPF slips Telangana

ZPGPF slips Telangana

About ZPGPF slips:

Let us get to know the overall information about Zpgpf slips Telangana. It refers to the Zilla Parishad General Provident Fund. It is especially amended for state government employees. It allows them to secure an amount through PFs, and loan applications and also attain the part final (received after a particular period). It is only applicable to those who came into service before 2004. After that, CPS came into force on 01-09-2004 by replacing it. It is known to be a contributory pension scheme. Few changes were adapted in CPS when compared to the zpgpf. The employees who joined after the date are not eligible to subscribe to zpgpf. They are just considered under CPS as per government norms.

Annual ZPGPF slips Telangana :

You might have questioned yourself who will execute the zpgpf? The superior officials of various state government departments will hold the power to produce zpgpf annual slips. Just like MAO for primary school teachers. Pradhan for panchayat raj etc. Official bodies in Telangana state will execute the works related to zpgpf slips Telangana. One must hold 10 years of service to pay the premium on a monthly basis. Even 5 years of service under the last grade category. Every government employee must subscribe along with the nominee. In order to prevent the consequences further in any emergence. One must claim at least a 6% minimum premium from one's salary. Due to personal expenses, it allows one to decide the sum amount to secure under zpgpf. Whether to increase or decrease the sum amount twice per annum. One can obtain an interest of 7.5% for the amount that he/ she secured under zpgpf. Most government employees pay the premium just to obtain more final parts after retirement.

Application of loan through ZPGPF :

Let us know how a government employee can apply for the loan. One must claim a particular reason to obtain the loan. Just like for the need of children's educational purposes, medical emergence, marriage, etc. Then the loan will be sanctioned from the zpgpf account. Government revises the one amount before sanctioning the loan. It provides either 50% of the secured amount or 3 months' salary as a loan. Based upon major priority which has less amount. The one who obtained the loan must pay within the tenure of 6 - 24 months.

About ZPGPF Part final :

Part final is the amount that we receive after a particular period of time. It differs from the amount obtained through the loan. Government employees are free from interests upon part final. But one must have 20 years of service experience to procure a part finally. The government will sanction part final with that eligibility. It provides either 75% of the secured amount or 6-10 months' salary as a part final. One must claim a particular reason for that. Like just the above-mentioned reasons for the application for a loan.

TS  ZPGPF slips Download Format :

We will let you know how to download zpgpf annual slips in a simple manner. You just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Firstly, one must browse for the ts zpgpf portal in the search engine (google).

  2. It leads to an interface followed by a link in the portal.

  3. Click on Zilla Praja Parishad with the respective location.

  4. You need to provide a 5-digit local gpf number in the provided space.

  5. And you must provide a zpgpf password with their own gpf number attached with emp. (For example, emp12345).

  6. Then you need to enter the provided captcha in the given space.

  7. At last click the submit button.

  8. It leads to another interface in that portal. You will be provided with your name, designation, employee id, and all job-related details. You can find the menu option at the top left position. It generates various particulars in the column. You need to click on the first column which is ledger cards. It records every year's information in a sequential manner. It even provides information on a monthly basis. This information records about opening balance, subscription amount, withdrawal under loans, and closing balance in that particular period.

  9. We can find the print option at the end.

  10. Either you can print this document or download it in pdf format.

Conclusion :

We provided overall information regarding ZPGPF slips Telangana. Now you have an idea of various aspects under ZPGPF. And how to download TS ZPGPF annual slips. Drop your queries for more information. Follow our page to get to know about any official updates on government employees and related policies. Thank you.

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