/ Asst. Inventory Process Associate

Asst. Inventory Process Associate

0-5        Anantapur
The inventory associate is responsible for monitoring the shipment, production, and ensuring that the data remains maintained and updated in the system. He/she assists in the preparation of all the inventory related reports, answers all the routine queries and provides the much-needed support for the operations, logistics, accounting, and quality departments.


• Monitor all administrative tasks and manage all shipment for vendors and evaluate all overstock inventories and maintain records for the same.
• Administer all inventory control activities and reconcile and prepare various projects and maintain and prepare all presentations for standard processes.
• Analyze all customer requirements and provide appropriate solutions for all customer requests and maintain a neat and clean area.
• Prepare training modules and maintain product knowledge and reconcile all inventory balances and prepare monthly reports for all transactions.
• Manage and enter all cost changes into computer systems and prepare documents for all inventory adjustments and evaluate all cost variance items as per business requirement.
• Maintain and update all Odoo system and prepare inventory installation for all transactions and resolve all discrepancies and evaluate all reports on a regular basis.
• Prepare and evaluate all inventories with invoices and purchase orders and maintain records of all goods and appropriate shipment for same.
• Prepare records of all incoming materials for all internal and external suppliers according to inventory procedures and policies.
• Administer efficient working of all production centres and prepare the required paperwork.
• Maintain housekeeping for all inventories and manage production lines for all packing procedures.
• Manage all shipments and monitor all damage products and complete all paperwork and evaluate all part orders.
• Prepare presentation for all merchandise flow and analyze all customer requirements for the sale of products and services.


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