/ Help Desk Quality Analyst-Call Audit

Quality Auditor-Voice Process

Desired Experience in Years : 1-2
Number of Openings : 1
Location/s : Hyderabad
Salary Range :
The Quality Auditor for voice process participates in a supportive role by acting as a liaison between customer and support departments within the organization, to ensure that all tickets are resolved as per ITIL Protocol . Evaluate & audit conversations of the technical support Engineers as per pre-defined guidelines ensuring zero quality variance while maintaining productivity parameters.


Top 10 Job Responsibilities for Help Desk Quality Analyst- Voice Process

As a Help Desk Quality Analyst focused on voice process, your job responsibilities may include the following:

  1. Analyzing recorded calls for quality and adherence to call center policies and procedures.

  2. Providing feedback to agents and supervisors on call handling performance, including identifying areas for improvement and developing plans for improvement.

  3. Conducting root cause analysis of customer complaints and developing strategies to improve call center processes and procedures.

  4. Developing and conducting training programs for call center agents and supervisors.

  5. Collaborating with other departments to identify and implement process improvements to enhance customer experience.

  6. Monitoring and reporting on call center metrics, including call volume, average handle time, and customer satisfaction.

  7. Reviewing and analyzing customer feedback and identifying areas for improvement in call center operations.

  8. Ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements related to call center operations.

  9. Participating in the development and implementation of call center policies and procedures.

  10. Collaborating with other stakeholders to implement best practices and ensure continuous improvement in call center operations.


Top 10 Job Requirement for Help Desk Quality Analyst- Voice Process

The top 10 job requirements for a Help Desk Quality Analyst in a voice process include:

  1. Quality Assurance Skills: Ability to evaluate and assess the quality of the customer support interactions and provide feedback for improvement.

  2. Strong Communication Skills: Ability to communicate effectively with customers and team members both verbally and in writing.

  3. Analytical and Problem-Solving Skills: Ability to analyze data, identify trends and patterns, and provide recommendations for improvement.

  4. Technical Aptitude: Basic knowledge of computer systems, software applications, and technical terminology.

  5. Customer Service Skills: Ability to understand the customer's needs, empathize, and provide timely and effective solutions.

  6. Attention to Detail: Ability to identify errors, inconsistencies, and issues and provide constructive feedback for improvement.

  7. Multitasking: Ability to handle multiple tasks and prioritize them based on urgency and importance.

  8. Time Management: Ability to manage time effectively and meet deadlines.

  9. Flexibility: Ability to adapt to changes in processes, procedures, and work schedules.

  10. Team Player: Ability to work well in a team environment and collaborate with other team members to achieve common goals.

Benefits/ Compensation

  1. Salary - Best in the Industry.

  2. Incentive - Best in the Industry.

  3.  Medical Policy for the Candidate Family.

  4. Career Growth.

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