/ Lead Coordinator 040

Lead Coordinator - Trainee

Desired Experience in Years : 0 - 6months
Number of Openings : 1
Location/s : Hyderabad


  1. Escalating and routing the tickets to the next level.

  2. Creating the opportunity against the sales query. 

  3. Frequently check the leads and reply on time.

  4. Establish active communication and engagement with sales representatives to ensure that orders are processed promptly.

  5. Contribute to overall customer satisfaction by promptly answering emails and handling orders by phone.

  6. Source new sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up, outbound cold calls email Marketing, Marketing Research, online lead generation.

  7. All communication & follow-ups of all ongoing enquiries.

  8. Providing the right information about the products to all the prospective customers.

  9. Assigning the leads based on geographic segment and territories.  

  10. Developing in-depth knowledge of product features and benefits.


  1. Freshers with MBA/PGDM in Marketing.

  2. Good understanding of computer technology.

  3. Excellent communication, presentation and problem-solving skills

  4. Must Speak Hindi, English & Telugu. 

  5. Basic  computer skills - MS office

  6. Good understanding of marketing and negotiating techniques.

  7. Ability to work well in a fast-paced environment.

  8. Research skills, curiosity about business components.

  9. Plenty of energy and enthusiasm, as well as a passion for all things technology.

Benefits/ Compensation

Terms & Conditions of the Employment:

  1. The initial designation would be Management trainee /Trainee. 

  2. The candidate will be in a training period for first 6 Months and then from 6th Month to 12th Months they will be in the On Job Training. 

  3. The Shortlisted Candidate will have to sign the Employment Bond for the Period of Two (2) Years. 

  4. If the candidate wishes to discontinue the employment within the bond period then they have to pay the training cost of Rs. 80,000/- to the company.

  5. The salary in hand for the first one year will be Rs. 15000/- months. All other benefits like insurance, Travel Allowance and or any allowance applicable to the job role will be provided separately. 

  6. The Notice period after the bond duration will be 60 Days. 

  7. The salary hike is done Annually which depends on the company’s performance & Individual performance. Average hike per year ranges from 5% to 50% on basic. 

Company Mission

Current India is walking towards Atmanirbhar Bharat, and the Government of India has taken a huge initiative at the policy-making level to make it happen by releasing the Vision Document on Electronics Manufacturing Roadmap to make India a powerhouse to reach USD 300Bn in electronics manufacturing by 2026 from a current USD 75Bn.

Make in India (MII) is one such subset Initiative where the Government of India has asked all Government Departments (55,000 in GeM) to buy only Make In India IT Hardware products (where local content is 51% or Class 1 Supplier) this has opened the doors for many Indian brands like RDP to take part in nations mission by manufacturing most affordable high quality make in India IT Hardware products from India to the World by becoming Local Champions.

PLI (Production Linked Incentives) is also a special incentive by the Government of India to local manufacturers to be competitive in the global markets. 

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