Employee Exit Interview form

Employee Exit Interview form

What influenced your decision to leave the company? *

How would you rate the overall work environment and culture? *

Did you feel your skills and talents were utilized to their fullest extent in your role? *

Did you receive adequate training and support to perform your job effectively? *

How would you rate the communication within the organization? *

Were you satisfied with the recognition and rewards system in place? *

Did you find the work environment conducive to your productivity and well-being? *

How would you rate your relationship with your immediate supervisor? *

Did you feel your contributions were recognized and appreciated? *

Were there any instances of harassment or discrimination that influenced your decision to leave? *

How would you describe the onboarding process when you joined the company? *

Did you feel there were sufficient opportunities for professional development and training? *

If you could change one thing about the company to make it a better workplace, what would it be? *

To what extent did your immediate supervisor support your professional development? *

How would you rate the level of transparency regarding company decisions and changes? *

To what extent were your career goals aligned with the opportunities provided by the company? *

Would you consider returning to work for the company under different circumstances? *