8th Pay Commission Latest News

8th Pay Commission Latest News

8th Pay Commission:

The pay commission is generally the pay-sanctioning authority. Except for the defense and armed forces, It is on top of head to fix pay scales for all government departments. 

A known fact that the current pay scales were under the 7th pay commission. Meanwhile, the government is revamping a way for a new pay commission. Recently enormous news flashed upon inaugurating the 8th pay commission from 2026. Let us see the details related to the 8th pay commission latest news. 


8th Pay Commission latest news:

Enormous doubts have been skyrocketing about the new pay commission. As the Lok sabha elections are going to be held in 2024. 

This is because the Lok sabha tends to implement a new commission scheme every 8 to 10 years. 

The government was in thought of making new amendments to increase the fitment factor only on DA. As the discussions got heated up about the 8th pay commission. 

The ministry of finance also made a few comments on the introduction of the new CPC. Stating that no such commissions shall come into force shortly. 

If so, then the changes will be made over the provided pay. The 8th pay commission will have a pay hike only on dearness allowances. 

Though it will affect the percentage of pay scale provided to government employees. As the pay scale differs for different government departments. Depending upon the grade scale, job position, and promotion. 

8th Pay Commission fitment factor:

The 7th pay commission has got an increment of 2.67 fitment factor over the 6th CPC. That results in the enhancement of emoluments provided to a government employee. These emoluments consider a hike in both provided pay + DA(dearness allowance). So the government employees are twiddling their thumbs over the discussions on the 8th pay commission. That comes along with a great hike in fitment factor up to 1.96. Where the provided minimum will sum up from 18000 to 26000. For better understanding, if the provided basic pay is 20% under the 7th CPC, it raises up to 70% in provided pay under the 8th pay commission. 

Different fitment factors were provided on every new pay commission. In order to help out government employees by supporting their living standards and financial stability. As there will be continuous inflation within the nation. Just take a look at the below-provided fitment factors during these years. 

Central Pay Commission 

Basic pay 

Increased percentage 

Provided fitment factor 

4th pay commission 




5th pay commission




6th pay commission




7th pay commission




8th pay commission

(yet to be confirmed)




From the above table, you can understand that there is a sequential order for pay hikes in these years. The fitment factor was introduced through the 6th pay commission. As it brings drastic change to the provided pay scale. Government employees can observe a big jump in their pay scale. If confirmation is passed from the government regarding a hike in fitment factor on dearness allowance. The provided calculations in the 8th pay commission column are in decision progress. And has to be finalized by the Lok Sabha ministries as well as by the government. 

A pay hike in the 8th pay commission will be launched only after offsetting the present DA. The estimated fitment factor under the 8th pay commission is 1.96. So the increased factor is added up to the monetary payment to the government employees. Generally, government employees are entitled to receive a hike in DA every six months. Exempting armed forces like the army, navy, and defense. These pay hike decisions were sorted out by the pay commission authorities. And approved by the central government based on the priorities. Because the armed forces have their own pay-sanctioning authority like Sparsh. As they tend to maintain information relating to every aspect confidential.

8th pay commission date:

As you came here by reading the title. We are going to provide overall updates regarding the 8th pay commission date. First of all, let us understand what actual pay commission deals with. It is an administrative body that holds power upon providing salaries for all government employees. It is one head that takes decisions. On the other hand, the changes and updates were done by the government in case of needed emergence. Generally, we observe the introduction of a new pay commission every 10-12 years. So the discussions and arguments were heated up in the latest news.  

8th pay commission news:

Many news articles have been published stating the 8th pay commission lately. As government employees were also eagerly waiting for the amendments. The rumors skyrocketed about this new pay commission. However, for the good sake of new amendments are going to take place. It is estimated that the 8th pay commission will be introduced from January 1st, 2026.

Yes, you read it right! From 2026 January the 8th pay commission is going to replace the current 7th pay commission. So that government employees can expect a big jump over their provided pay. As we have seen a pay hike at the time of introducing a new pay commission. That hits a big jump over the total provided salary. The pay hike will be generally added to the DA or fitment factor. That adds multiple values to the current salaries of government employees. We can expect at least a fitment factor of 3.68, an increment of 44.44%. That results in a hike in basic pay from 18,000 to 26,000/-.

Just follow the particulars of this blog. We have obtained the resources to provide overall information. About the 8th pay commission in the respective departments.

8th pay commission for railway employees:

The railway department employees will see a change in their monthly emoluments. As the new pay commission is going to be introduced. The government employees working in the railway department receive basic pay that differs from one to another. Just like grades 1 to grade 9, 10, etc. There will be a drastic change like around 8000/-. From grade 1 to grade 3 railway employees are under the 8th pay commission. As there will be an increase in fitment factor of 3.68. The railway employees need to calculate their current salaries with a hike in pay factor. That too from the calendar year 2026 January. Just multiply your current salary along with DA with the new fitment factor (3.68). That gives the final emoluments. That one is going to receive in 2026 under the 8th pay commission.

8th pay commission for defense employees:

Earlier the defense department pay was under the control of pay commission. But from 2016 the basic pay was termed out as a pay matrix and settled by the ministry of defense. For the highly confidential purposes of defense personnel. At present, the defense personnel fitment factor ranges up to 2.57 just like other civil servants. 

Under the 8th pay commission, the defense employees might observe a change in their provided emoluments. As per the sanctions made by the defense ministry and issued amendments. The current basic pay provided for defense personnel lies from 21,700 to 2,50,000/-. That too includes each level from grade 1 to grade 13. If the changes were brought up through a new pay commission, then there will be an increment mostly around 10,000/-. 

8th pay commission update:

As per the following trend, people are expecting a new pay commission in about a decade. I.e. from 2026. But there is no such confirmation from the government to date. Government employees hoping for the good news of the announcement of the 8th pay commission. This is because there will be enormous benefits like:

  • Huge salary hike

  • Raise of fitment factor around 3.68

  • Increase in range of demand i.e. from Rs.18000/- to 26000/-

Though the finance minister had not given any confirmation yet. But there are some heated discussions going on for the establishment. So the central government employees can expect the good news of the 8th pay commission within the decade. 



This blog is all about the updates on the 8th pay commission latest news. We have provided overall information related to DA, fitment factor, and queries pertaining to this aspect. Follow our blog posts to have more informative updates on government employees and related articles. Thank you.

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