And what more, the friend you refer gets INR 100 once they make their first purchase.

Login & we will assign a unique
referral code to you

Refer thru your
whatsapp / social media etc

you earn cash when products
are purchased

Earn Cash / Gift Vouchers/
Reward Points

Login and Track your Earnings in
real time


What is RDP Refer and Earn Program?

RDP Refer and Earn Program gives you an opportunity to invite your friends to RDP website. Both you and your friends get rewarded through the Referral Program. So why wait? Start inviting your friends and start your Look Good journey together!

Your referral code is available on the ‘Refer and Earn’ Home screen. You can share your referral code with your friends/family/social circles through WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS, Mail etc. 

How does the RDP Referral Program work?

1. If you are an existing user of RDP, you can invite your friends or social circles to sign and use the RDP website.

Your friend shall be required to Sign Up using your referral code.

2. Your friend will have to click on “Do you have any referral code?” and enter your referral code before signing-up.

3.Upon completing these steps successfully, your friend shall get RDP Referral earnings worth Rs.100/- in his/her successfully created account on RDP.

4. When your friend makes his/her first purchase on RDP, you will get rewarded with RDP Referral earnings worth Rs. 100/-. These points will initially remain at an inactive stage, and will not be redeemable.


Where can I see my referral earnings?

You can see the details of your referral earnings in the ‘Earned’ tab within the ‘Refer and Earn’ Home screen. You will also get details of which of your friends have joined, which friends have transacted etc. on the same screen