Jeevan pramaan (face app auth)

Jeevan pramaan (face app auth)

What is Jeevan pramaan (face app auth) :

The jeevan pramaan scheme was inaugurated by the prime minister Narendra Modi in 2014. It is a digital life certificate program only made for the central government, state government and any other public organization eligible pensioners. This portal or application facilitates the users to submit their life certificate through their mobile phones in order to receive the pension. Just by enabling the face authentication access in the mobile phones. However, there will be a continuous update through Jeevan pramaan app SMS notification to the pensioner.

Jeevan pramaan face app for android mobiles :

Earlier people used to generate their life certificates from nearby post offices in order to receive the pension. However, along with the upgrading technology, the government made it easier to download their life certificates through their official website or from a ‘post info’ application termed digital life certificate.

Somehow the government sensed that there’s a scope for fraudulent activities during this procedure. So the central government had brought a new scheme into light on 10th November 2014 known as Jeevan pramaan. With the view of breaking down the complicated procedure into just a few steps going nowhere simply by sitting at home. Ensuring the prevention of any fraudulent activities throughout the process.

Jeevan pramaan certificate download :

The entire process will be delivered in a few understandable steps. So just have a keen attention to know all the whereabouts of Jeevan pramaan portal.

Step 1 : Go to play store and then search for AadhaarFaceRd app. And then click install.

Jeevan pramaan

The app will not be visible like any other app on mobile display. So, Go to setting -> Click app info -> open AadhaarFaceRd.

Jeevan pramaan

Step 2 : Here in this step one must download the Jeevan pramaan face application from jeevan pramaan online portal. In order to run the application.

  • Click on the jeevan pramaan portal through
  • Now tap on the download button displayed at the right top of the dashboard.

Jeevan pramaan

  • Enter your mail id, captcha code in required fields and then finally click on “I agree” button.
  • It will generate an OTP to your entered mail id.

Jeevan pramaan

  • Enter the received OTP and click on the submit button.

Jeevan pramaan

  • Select download ‘Android Mobile Face App Download’ that is shown below for operating in a mobile application. If you want to download ‘Mobile App Download’ an external biometric device should be connected to the mobile phone.

Jeevan pramaan

  • It will send a download link to your registered mail id -> click OK button.
  • NOTE : the link will work for only one time. If a message like “session token expired“ is displayed then you need to repeat the download procedure.
  • Once the download is finished, the application will start executing.
  • Connect the biometric device as mentioned earlier. Then it will ask permission to connect with the device as shown below.

Jeevan pramaan

  • And then pop-ups will be directed in order to grant permissions for taking pictures and recording video and access for photos.
  • Click -> while using the app -> Allow for such pop-ups.

Step 3 : Operator authentication

  • The pensioner or any other operator needs to enter the pensioner Aadhaar number, mobile number and mail id and then select submit.

NOTE : The number is not linked to aadhaar card but one has that number nearby for OTP. Also, it has a bilingual mode at the top right corner. That enables it to display in Hindi and English.

  • Now enter the OTP generated to the provided number and then click there on the submit button.
  • Then it will redirect you to the below shown page. Enter the pensioner name -> then scan.
  • Then a pop-up will appear for face scan access. Click on ‘YES’
  • It will show you some instructions stating Do’s and Don'ts while capturing the pensioner’s face. After reading those instructions, Select to proceed.
  • To successfully complete the face authentication procedure, simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  • Once you have successfully completed the face scan authentication, the application will automatically restart, and a message will be displayed like "Client Registration Successful." This message confirms the successful registration of the operator.

Step 4 : Pensioner Authentication

  • Here, the pensioner should submit his Aadhaar number, mobile number and email id is optional. Then you’ll receive an OTP for the entered mobile number.

Jeevan pramaan

Jeevan pramaan

  • Then enter the OTP -> ‘submit’ to proceed further.
  • Ensure that you enter all the details accurately as shown below if any incorrect information is provided, it leads to the rejection of your Jeevan Pramaan by the Pension Disbursing agency.
  • Enter name -> select type of pension -> select sanctioning authority -> disbursing agency -> PPO No. -> Account number
  • Select the below options and then click submit.

Jeevan pramaan

  • It will ask whether you want to add another PPO number if you select ‘yes’ then it redirects to the above page to enter all the other pensioner details. If you click on ‘no’ then a pop-up will appear as shown below. Tick the checkboxes -> click on proceed.
  • It will ask to scan the face so click ‘yes’ to proceed. Follow the instructions and take a picture of the face.
  • Once the authentication is done. It will successfully generate the DLC certificate under jeevan pramaan. Also, the pramaan id will be displayed on the screen.

Jeevan pramaan

  • The registered pensioner will receive a SMS from the portal. Where it contains both the pramaan id and download link for the DLC certificate.

What is the use of Jeevan pramaan (face app auth) :

There are enormous benefits with the usage of Jeevan pramaan portal. User-friendly mode as it enables the usage of application just with android mobile phone. Independent of all other external devices. Also, there is no need to visit banks and postal offices often for a pension. Any eligible government pensioner can avail pension just by enabling and registering into this application.

Jeevan pramaan patra/online :

For registering into Jeevan pramaan (face app auth) there are few requirements as below

  • Android smartphone with a minimum version of 8.0 (un-rooted) along with an internet connection.
  • The device should have a RAM capacity of 4+ GB
  • Storage space of at least 64GB, with a minimum of 500 MB free storage available.
  • You need to have your Aadhaar number registered with the Pension Disbursing Authority, which can be a bank, post office, or any other allowed entity.
  • Last, ensure that your smartphone's camera has a resolution of 5 MP or higher.

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