What is ODOP (GeM)?

ODOP on GeM means "One District One Product" mixed with the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) system. One District One Product (ODOP) is a project started by the Uttar Pradesh government to promote local production of things like handicrafts, clothes, and leather items. The goal of the government is to boost unique and special products in each district.

This idea wants to show and help special things that each place in India makes. It's like shining a light on the things that make each place unique, and it helps the people who create these things. This helps the local artists, business people, and the old-fashioned industries too, making the place's money grow.

About ODOP product scheme (GeM)

The plan follows the One District One Product (ODOP) idea to make things bigger when buying materials, getting services, and selling products. ODOP in this plan gives a way to make a chain of making things better and having good help for it. Sometimes, one place can have many clusters of ODOP things, and even a few nearby places in a state can join together for this.

The Commerce Department is concentrating on supporting groups of agricultural products for exporting under the Agriculture Export Policy. The Agriculture Ministry is also working on supporting specific farming products in districts that are really good at growing them. The ODOP way of doing things in this plan will make it easier to give shared services and other kinds of help.

What are ODOP products like?

Each state would choose a food item for a district, focusing on things that can go bad quickly. The state government would do a basic study to understand things better. The chosen ODOP product might be food that can go bad soon, like veggies, things made from grains, or food that's made a lot in that district. Some examples are mango, potato, litchi, tomato, tapioca, papad, pickle, millet-based stuff, fish, chicken, meat, and animal fodder. Also, some other traditional and cool new things like things made from waste can get support too. Things like honey, stuff from the forest in places where tribes live, and old-style Indian herbs like turmeric and amla could also get help.

Also , mainly things like shiny jewelry, fun toys, handmade crafts, and pretty handwoven fabrics have lots of chances to be sent to other countries. The government is also making agreements with other countries to make it easier for these things to go there.

ODOP list

Here is the full list of districts and the products they have under the One District One Product Scheme for 2023. Also, to access official information about the One District One Product Scheme, you can visit their website - odopup.in.

What is the benefit of ODOP?

  • The ODOP scheme plays a crucial role in ensuring the inclusive development of the entire state.
  • This scheme is set to enhance the growth of industries like small, medium, and traditional present in various districts.
  • The state government is committed to incorporating new technology to make the products competitive in the market.
  • Approximately 2.5 million unemployed youths are expected to gain job opportunities through this scheme, contributing to the state's employment scenario.
  • The implementation of the One District One Product Scheme was initiated by the state government on January 24, 2018.

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