Top 5 Reasons to buy PlugPC | Compute stick, I am Sure you Gonna Love it

1) A Pocket Home Theatre PC

Transform any HDMI TV into full Fledged Computer or Entertainment Gadget by simply connecting PlugPC through HDMI Connector. Stream Internet Content by connecting through Wi-Fi Or you can Access the Presentation files through Cloud.. Just Plug in .. Log in.. Sit Back & Enjoy

2) The Traveller’s Companion

Carrying a Laptop or Tablets PC’s are ruled out with this Tiny Gizmo..
Carry a computer wherever you are — from hotel room to vacation rental, from co-working cubicle to conference room

3) Give Presentation on Large Screens

Sometimes a small laptop or tablet screen just won’t do, such as when creating digital artwork. When you need to see something large, just plug in this Plug PC to an extra large monitor or that 65″ television.

4) Save Money

Instead of Purchasing Monitors we can use already existing TV’s as a PC so that it can slash half of the Capex Amount. Best thing is it comes with Preloaded OS ( Windows 10 or Andorid need not to keep extra amount for this)

5) Energy Efficient & Noise Free Office environments

It Hardly Takes 5 Watts of Power almost Negligible compared to Traditional PC’s which takes (160 to 230 Watts of power) & No Moving Components inside makes Noise free Environments

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