Mini Desktop's in Core i3/Pentium/Celeron

simple. powerful. affordable.

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its your business.

No matter how you slice it, the Mini Desktop Series is created to simplify your IT infrastructure and operating cost. Run the most productivity applications required for your business and better your performance with local hardware resources. Providing a rich and seamless desktop experience is much easier as getting it up and running is a snap​

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* Available for made to order only
Powerful Slim PC's / Towers

Expect. Extreme. Indulge.

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desktops that
power your business.

Powerful, manageable, and tailored to your business. With the latest performance and storage technology, RDP mini Tower Desktops are fast and responsive – handling large files, images and video with ease. These PCs will empower employees to stay productive, while your clients' data stays reassuringly safe.​

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* Available for made to order only
Commercial Desktop PC's

Be Productive. Be Secure. Be Low cost.

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A powerful build for a
reasonable price

The ample memory, large hard drive storage and powerful processors allow you to accomplish more in less time. Take your creativity to the next level and open the door to a brilliant and remarkably candid performance.

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* Available for made to order only
Premium All-in-One PC's

Stylish. Versatile. Powerfull.

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Adaptable. Thin.
Trendy Design

The RDP AIO PC's includes a flawless plan that is both thin and in vogue. The outline is extensively more slender than past ages and incorporates a flame broil ventilation in the back, enabling it to runcool and calm The Big IP show conveys a determination of 1920 x 1080 with 250 nits, so the greater part of your pictures and recordings look energetic and fresh.

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* Available for made to order only