AI Processing at Your Fingertips

 Open the door to a new world of possibilities that will change the way you work. RDP AI PC with AMD Ryzen™ AI delivers accelerated multitasking, increased productivity, and advanced collaboration, with even more to come in the future

Unlock the Future of AI

Get ready to usher in the future with new capabilities that AMD Ryzen™ AI will soon provide.

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AI-Driven Data Analytics

PCs with AMD Ryzen™ AI will soon be able to run advanced AI- powered modeling and analysis directly on the PC, accelerating individual decision. making while helping to strengthen data privacy.

AI-Informed Personal Assistant

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AI-Augmented Content Creation

AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to learn from your interactions and adapt over time. In the future, you’ll have all the advantages of having a customized digital assistant to help craft presentations, write email, manage calendars, and summarize conversations.

AI-Enhanced Collaboration

PCs powered by AMD Ryzen™ AI offer engaging experiences today, like auto framing, eye gaze correction, and enhanced background blurs in video conferencing applications, for more natural interactions. Windows Studio Effects is  currently available to applications that use the integrated Windows camera, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google  Meet. 

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RDP AI PC with Advanced Technology, 

 Enhanced Benefits.

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Optimized Cost:

New RDP AI PC's let businesses run their own AI programs, potentially saving money on subscriptions and opening up a future with free AI tools!

Hyper Personalization:

AMD Ryzen™ AI is designed to learn from interactions and adapt over time, tailoring its output to suit each user’s individual preferences and needs, enabling every employee to work more creatively and productively. 


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High Speed, Low Latency:

Experience real-time responsiveness with minimal delays, thanks to the dedicated AI processing power.

Cutting Edge Security Features:  

Accelerator on the PC can soon allow algorithms for anomaly detection to run independent of the CPU for greater performance. It is designed to isolate any malware threats from the CPU for more safety.


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                                                     Model Number : RDP AI PC A5/A7