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All in One PC - BIS Approved Models

Desk PC AIO 109

Desk PC AIO 119


Desk PC AIO 107

Desk PC AIO 117

Desk PC AIO 105

Desk PC AIO 115

Desk PC AIO 103

Desk PC AIO 113

Desk PC AIO 123

available for L1 Purches Bid/RA 1000+ SKU's Listed in GEM
Model No. Desk PC AIO 103
Model No. Desk PC AIO 105
Model No. Desk PC AIO 107
Model No. Desk PC AIO 109

Available Options

Processors & Generations


4GB to 128GB


HDD: 500GB to 2TB, SSD: 64GB to 2TB, M.2: 64GB to 2TB


19.5 Inch to 37.5 Inch (HD, FHD, IPS)

Keyboard & Mouse

wired/Wireless USB Keyboard & Optical Scroll Mouse

Operating System & Applications Software

Authentications & Certifications

On-Time Support [OTS]

3 040 4816 1111


Response time


Technical Support
Support process is 100% Digital
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Grow your Business, Our Partners gets access to 7+ compute category products (Desktops / AIO / ThinClient / Tablets / Laptops / Servers & Workstations) in GeM platform. All in highly Competitive price & Make in India (MII)


RDP GeM CRM (a Bidding Management Tool), First of Kind by any OEM in the world to seamlessly manage several 100s of bids with out any hard communication between OEM & Partners. Partners can create support tickets also from the CRM.

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