Career Growth and Learning in RDP

Career Growth and Learning in RDP

How satisfied are you with the opportunities for career growth and advancement in our organization? *

Do you feel that your skills and abilities are being utilized to their full potential in your current role? *

How often do you have conversations with your manager about your career development goals and aspirations? *

Are you satisfied with the learning and development opportunities provided by our organization? *

How important is continuous learning and skill development for your career growth? *

Have you been provided with opportunities to attend training programs or workshops relevant to your job? *

How well does our organization support and encourage employees to pursue further education or professional certifications? *

Are there clear career paths and progression opportunities outlined for different roles within our organization? *

How satisfied are you with the level of feedback and guidance you receive regarding your career development? *

Are you provided with stretch assignments or projects that challenge and help you grow in your role? *

How well does our organization recognize and reward employees who demonstrate continuous learning and professional growth? *

Do you feel supported in pursuing career opportunities within our organization, such as transfers or promotions? *

Are there mentorship or coaching programs available to support your career development? *

How well do your current job responsibilities align with your long-term career goals? *

Given the current scenario, How long do you see yourself in RDP.