Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Project Management

Quality and timeliness Of Deliverables

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Satisfaction & Retention

People Management


Risk Management

Scope Management

Change Management

Leadership Skills

Motivation Ability


Mongering Skills

Team Building


Technical Skills

Application of Knowledge

Technical Upgradation

Work Intelligence

Understanding Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Decision Making

Communication Skills

Language Knowledge

Writing Skills

Verbal Skills

Comprehending Skills

Interpersonal Skills

Dealing With Press, Suboardinates, Seniors

Participation In Meeting

Body Language

Listing Skills

Soft Spoken & Disciplinary Skills

Team Work

Managing Conflicts For Team & Work

Self Management

Ownership, Responsibility & Accountability





Process Compliance

Organization Policies

Code Review

Unit Text Cases & Unit Testing


State your understanding of his/her main duties & responsibilities, State his/her contribution in the organization growth

State his/her contribution in customer relationship building

State his/her contribution for creating better environment for team & team building

What are the different steps he/she have taken to motivate different team members during this appraisal period

State the tasks which could have been better executed by him/her and why do you feel so?

Which is most challenging task he/she have performed during the last appraisal period ?

Task he/she performed most effectively during the last appraisal period. Why do you call it as the most effective task?

What are the improvements you are seeing in him/her over the last appraisal?

What can be done by him/her, manager and company to improve his/her performance at current position ?

State his/her training needs