Sr BDM Enterprise Sales

Job Fit

Tell me a little about yourself.

Walk me through your sales experience thus far.

How did you prepare for this discussion? What do you know about our company?

Leadership / Team Work

How would you describe your working style?

Tell me about the last disagreement you had in the workplace. What happened?

What is your proudest achievement you've had outside of work? How did you do it?

Prior Success / Competitiveness

Can you give me example in your career where you overachieved and how did you do against your peer group? (e.g., promotions, president club, etc.)

Why should we hire you over any other candidate in our pipeline? What can you bring to the table that others can't?

What is your sales attainment % been in the last 12 months? What made you successful? (if over 100%) Why did you miss? (if under 100%).

Tell me about the product or service you currently sell. What makes it valuable? How is it different from your competition?

Passion / Desire

What would you say is the most important skill you’ve learned in your current role?

What can you tell me that isn’t on your resume that is important for me to know about you?

Why are you pursuing a career in sales?

Can you tell me more about the reason for leaving or exploring opportunities outside (your current employer)?

Work Ethic

What are your professional goals?

If you started this job tomorrow, what would be the first 2-3 things you would prioritize?

What motivates you?

How do you keep tabs on your to-do list?


What questions can I answer for you?

What do you know about us?

If we hired you, what would you do to contribute to company growth?