XL-500 can be used as a
 Thin Client (or) Mini PC (or) VDI Client


If you are looking for an extreme space-saver machine that has just the right computing power to accomplish a variety of everyday tasks, then the XL-500 is a perfect fit. This elite looking high-end device comes in a sleek, compact design with a multi-purpose function and can be used as a valuable technology platform or a flexible virtual desktop.

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its your business.

No matter how you slice it, the XL-500 is created to simplify your IT infrastructure and operating cost. Run the most productivity applications required for your business and better your performance with local hardware resources. Providing a rich and seamless desktop experience is much easier as getting it up and running is a snap.

The XL-500 is specially designed with a combination of local storage as well as server-based storage capability that is highly useful to enterprises. The VDI feature lets you protect sensitive information while maintaining a certain level of convenience.

- Production Manager, Farooq

default hardware specifications

  • // Intel Celeron(D) 2.48 GHz Processor
  • // 2GB DDR3 Ram Upgradable to 8GB
  • // 32GB SATA flash Upgradable to 1TB/2TB...
  • // 16 Watts Power Consumption
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need extra makeup?

It is easy to perform basic to medium tasks with default 2GB RAM and 32GB storage. But what if you need more? Depending on your specific business needs, customize your configuration to 4GB/8GB RAM, storage to 1TB/2TB.

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do more with Windows 10.

Use some of the best functions and features added to the all encompassing operating system Windows 10 and the Windows Embedded Platform with additional technologies.

Windows 10 Windows Embeded

rock the world wide web with open source

The XL-500 is capable of supporting any of the open source operating systems including Linux, CentOS, and SUSE OS. Increase usability with a user-friendly, fast, and prominent OS as an alternative that has a powerful community.

Ubuntu Centos Open Suse