Government Employees Salary Slip

Government employees salary slip

If you are the one who’s looking forward to know about salary slips, here is the best handy guide for you. This blog will let you know about the format, details & importance of Government employees' salary slip. 

About Government Employees Salary Slip : 

The salary slip is a kind of document that includes all the salary details done under an employment contract issued by the employer to its employees on a monthly basis. This document might be produced in the form of hard copy or soft copy (pdf formats). 

Every recognized organization/ outlet must produce the salary slip to its employees as it is legally bound by the law under section 18(3) of Minimum wages act 1948, to inform all the details regarding salary or basic pay for its employees.


Components of Government Employees Salary Slip :

There are some static components that every organization either public or private, must provide the information regarding salary, deductions & allowances to its employees.

The below mentioned components forms the part of earnings, allowances that are benefited by the employees:

- Basic salary pay

- Dearness allowance (DA)

- House rent allowance (HA)

- Medical allowance (MA)

- Special allowances 

- Conveyance allowances 

 The below mentioned components forms the part of deductions, loss of payments that are incurred to the employees:

  • Professional tax

  • Employee provident fund 

  • Tax deducted at source 

Income under Government Employees Salary Slip :

Basic salary pay: 

The term basic salary pay itself defines the meaning as the basic monetary sum, that an employee agreed under employment contract during service period on a monthly basis. It totally adds up to 30 - 50 % of the basic salary. At initial levels, the basic pay would constitute higher % other than allowances where it becomes vice versa at senior level of employment service.

Dearness allowance (DA):

The dearness allowance is provided by the government which mostly influences the cost of living of an individual to benefit from inflation which varies from different locations. It takes about 30 - 40 % of the basic salary pay and also admissible for availing of tax. 

House rent allowance(HA):

The house rent allowance is provided to the employees who are residing under renting facilities. These allowances vary from one place to another like it is 50% for a metropolitan city and it will be 40% for the remaining places. However, there will be no tax levied on House rent allowances. 

Medical allowance:

If an individual met with some accident or medical emergence then he/ she can avail the medical allowance from the organization by providing the medical receipts as proof. There will be no tax levied by government up to Rs. 15000/- .

Special allowances:
The special allowances are provided as employee appraisal with the view of motivating the employees to work better. However the special allowances vary from one company to another and are only provided on employee performance which is 100% taxable.

Conveyance allowances:

The conveyance allowance is made to the employees by the employers to travel to & from the work. The conveyance allowance adds up no tax upto certain amount of monetary sum. The maximum limit for exemption of tax is Rs.16000/- per month.

Deductions under Government Employees Salary Slip :

Professional tax:

The professional tax is levied by the government of India not only based upon an individual's profession but also the income earned through the source/ medium. The amount of tax varies from one to another depending upon the income levels & levied on a monthly basis. 

Employee provident fund:

The provident fund refers to deduction of the sum amount of salary on a monthly basis in order to accumulate the lump sum amount which is to be provided at the time of retirement. At present 12% of basic salary pay cuts down under employee provident fund. 

Tax deducted at source:

This refers to the amount that is cut down by the employer apart from the income tax department in order to invest under tax-exempt schemes like equity funds, NPS, PPF & tax reducing FDs.  

Must knows about Government Employees Salary Slip 

It is important to safeguard the salary slip just like an employment bond certificate. It is because the salary slip acts as legal document proof for providing -

  • Loans 

  • New employment opportunities 

  • Income tax plans

  • To get the benefit of government subsidies. 

Proof of Employment: 

When an individual strives to apply for the new employment opportunity, visas, universities etc., then the salary slip acts as a legal documentary proof for issuing all the above. The salary slip acts as a background check of an individual and also defines his/ her career service experience. 

Income Tax Planning:

An individual can plan the tax outflows with accordance to his/ her income levels. For that, he can invest in tax exempt schemes EPS, TDS in order to reduce the tax burden. 

Seeking Future Employment Opportunities:

The salary slip is a mandatory document to carry out for approaching new job opportunities as almost all companies ask for the salary slips to record the previous earnings and experience. 

Availing Loans:

As the salary slip consists of all details regarding the income, taxes & designation, it stands as a legal proof for availing loans, credit cards & borrowing money. So one can avail credit based on this document. 

Government Subsidies:

One can be entitled to get eligibility for the subsidies provided by the government which includes free services like medical supplies, food supplies etc., with the consideration of salary slip.  

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