Medical Reimbursement for Assam Govt Employees

 Medical reimbursement for Assam govt employees

About Medical Reimbursement for Assam Govt Employees:

This time we came up with an informative content related to medical reimbursement for Assam govt employees. As we all heard about the news related to revamping the old systems of medical reimbursement. So, let’s get to know about it much deeper. Here you must understand the term medical reimbursement. It is all about an official agreement between an employer and an employee. This agreement generally states that the employer/establishment must bear the medical expenses of the employee. Whereas it lies throughout the employment contract period. But it differs in the case of the government. The government executes the schemes for particular criteria like healthcare, reimbursement, and cashless treatments, etc. For the one who is serving under the PSUs and state departments.

The finance secretary department in the state of Assam has been flashed in the media lately. He came up with a new path of revamping the system of medical reimbursement. This scheme was approved by the state cabinet and approved by the Atal Amrit Abhiyan society. So that government employees can get medical treatment with government aid. The expenses were charged to the government on behalf of that individual. 

Apply for Medical Reimbursement for Assam Govt Employees:

One should get registered under this scheme to claim those benefits. If you are thinking about when to apply? We got the answer for you. Just between the time that one got discharged from the hospital to 6 months of duration. Only the affected person can go ahead with this procedure of registration. There is just one simple format to claim it. Just go through the below-provided steps. 

Step 1 - Go through the website .

Step 2 - Select the department that you are currently working in. 

Step 3 - You need to provide details under declaration. 

Step 4 - Download the format Government of India ( and must provide the required particulars like their name, designation, to which department they belong, and reason for medical emergence.
Step 5 - Also should provide a journal regarding the total amount incurred for medical expenses. 
Step 6 - At last, the person should upload the declaration along with some documents. Let us get to know what exactly needs to be submitted for those documents.  

Must knows about  Medical Reimbursement for Assam Govt Employees:

One must carry soft copies of certain mandatory documents.  At the time of applying for the medical reimbursement. One can’t be eligible even in the absence of at least one document from the provided list. So, it’s better to carry out the necessary forms like all medical pay bills, Emergence, and essential certificates, leave permission, hospital records, self-declaration format, Records from recognized hospital authority, genuinity certificate, and clear summary of discharge. As we see earlier, it is important to provide evidence to the government. At the time of providing the declaration form. Also, one must cross-check the provided documents. To confirm whether they provided the correct ones. As there is a chance of rejection if one fails to provide or in case of misinterpretation of documents.

How much time to claim the Medical Reimbursement:

It's a common question for everyone who’s looking forward to claiming money from the government. However, it always depends on the severity of the situation. And the nature of the possibility as well. When an affected person applies after the discharge. It takes around 7 to 15 days of time from the date that one applied for this scheme. The government pays for the medical bills incurred for the medical procedures. Within which the total amount will be credited to that individual in 7 to 15 days. 

About Pensioners:

Retirees might doubt themselves as this scheme got implemented in recent days. But we have the answers to clear all your queries. Pensioners that belong to the state of Assam were also eligible under this scheme. If in case any pensioners were met with unforeseen injuries. Then they can claim medical aid from the government at the time of discharge. They just need to mention their employment status as a pensioner while providing the declaration. 

Hope you find the informative content on medical reimbursement for Assam govt employees. We deliver all the particulars related to this topic. Follow us for more updates on government employees and their related policies. Thank you.

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