Wide Range of RDP Thin Clients – One Stop for all Computing Needs

RDP – The Leading IT hardware manufacturing Company having wide range of Thin Clients and Zero Clients which are alternative to Desktop Computers. RDP Thin Clients are Cost Effective, robust and powerful performance, these are designed to be flexible, ascendable and secure.

High End Thin Client : XL-500:

RDP Introduced the High End Thin Clients called as XL-500 has advanced virtualization features than the existing Thin Clients due to vast hardware lightweight and processing power it can be used by individual, Processed by Intel Celeron 2.41 GHZ Dual Core with Linux Operating System, 1GB RAM and 16GB storage.

Powerful & Advanced Thin Client/ Mini PC – XL-200c:

Most Economical High End Thin Clients are XL-200c it is designed with elevated performance it can be used as a combination of Thin Client, Mini PC, VDI client it is specialized with its broad range of applications. XL-200c is small, powerful and predictable it can be used as Thin Client, Mini PC, VDI client. Which comes with Intel Quad Core Processor upto 1.84GHz (x5-Z8300) and 2GB DDR3L RAM and 32GB storage.

Multimedia Zero Client – AL-400:

RDP Zero Client ‘AL-400’ has redefined Sharing Computing Solutions by Overcoming the challenges of existing Traditional Zero Clients by giving uncompromised Rich Desktop Experience at ⅓ of PC Cost. It has got 4 USB 2.0 Ports, 1 VGA & 1 GBPS Lan Port, Audio in & Audio out. Because of its Tiny size 124mm(W)X 75mm(L)X 26(H) we can easily mount back on monitor backside so that completely save 100 % Deskspace, results can effectively Operate More number of devices in modest workspaces.

Most Economical Thin Client – AW-100:

Most Economical Thin Clients termed as AW-100 comes with 1000 MHz Arm Processor and 512MB RAM 512MB Flash memory. It is mainly designed for Educational Institutions and small & Medium business with high security, immense features and impressive ARM processor design.

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